Foreign Fracture Over Honduras

Time was when even the most polarizing of politicians agreed that beyond the water’s edge, America had to speak in one foreign-policy voice. How quaint a concept.


Consider that the official policy of the Obama Administration – and the rest of the world – toward Honduras is to not recognize the coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya back in June. American aid and travel visas have consequently been cut off.


Earlier this month, however, two Republican delegations went to Honduras to meet with the coup leaders and the de facto government that has been internationally shunned. And, no, they were not there to make the case that an illegal government should give back the country. They were there to show solidarity. And they were there as a result of a Honduran lobbying campaign well-financed and slick enough to impress the savviest Israelis and Cuban-exile leaders.


The delegations’ official rationale is vintage Cold War rhetoric: To prevent the spread of leftist ideologies more in harmony with Caracas than Washington. “We’ve seen these power-hungry leaders of South and Central America take command and never let go,” explained Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the conservative Republican from South Florida. “It’s a worrisome trend.”


Ros-Lehtinen on the case, lending her hard-line ideology and political soap box.  Now, that’s a worrisome trend.

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