BayWalk Vote Defies Common Sense

Alas, enlightenment was nowhere to be found in that recent BayWalk decision by the St. Petersburg city council. It did not pass an ordinance that would have cleared a chunk of public sidewalk at the entrance of BayWalk, an area frequented by animated activists and loitering punks. The motley scene had become a major deterrent to patrons of BayWalk, the erstwhile downtown-revival catalyst now morphing into a plywood ghost town.


No, the ceding of the sidewalk to BayWalk owners would not have been a panacea, not during a recession, but it would help. It would help those investing in BayWalk and those employed at BayWalk. It would address the viability of downtown and help safeguard $20-million in taxpayer funds.


And no, such a vacation would not have been a free-speech sacrilege. The option for demonstrators and thug wannabes was to relocate to the other side of the street – hardly a Constitutional affront.


Enlightened self-interest? How about some common sense?

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