Dems’ Political Absurdity

The Theater of the Absurd, otherwise known as the Democratic Party approaching a presidential election year, continues apace with the Democratic National Committee still at incongruous odds with Florida. Lawsuits, disenfranchisement scenarios, undemocratic pledges and nuanced definitions of what actually is meant by “campaigning” are the subplots. Eugene Ionesco could have scripted it.

But here’s the irony. Ultimately, none of this will matter.

The winner of the Jan. 29 Florida primary will be a real winner – and will not disavow the results. No more than a big spike in credibility and momentum could be disavowed. And come the general election, no nominee wants an alienated mega swing state. So those 210 window-dressing delegates at the national coronation will be seated if the nominee – already decided well before hand – has anything to say about it.

And she will.

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