NFL’s New Sheriff

Notice has been served. The National Football League has a new sheriff, Commissioner Roger Goodell, and it’s open season on the NFL’s chronic miscreant and criminal elements.

That became abundantly evident when Goodell suspended Tennessee Titans’ cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones for a year and the Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver Chris Henry for half a season. They are both multiple offenders who have run afoul of the law and shown little but contempt for their employers and their teammates.

The tough-love message has been sent: “Most of our employees are law-abiding and don’t bring ’embarrassment and ridicule’ upon their clubs and the league. That’s good for business and society. Those who don’t fit that minimalist profile, however, won’t be fined relative chump change or given a PR “rehab” pass; they will be denied their privileged, high-profile, highly compensated livelihood.

“At the end of the day, we want more fans talking about Peyton than Pacman.”

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