Like Language

You don’t have to be a linguistics professor to know that as a “living” entity, language is always subject to change. Hence Latin is a “dead language.”

But a problem arises when language starts to fast forward – not evolve. Notice how accepting mainstream culture has become of pop parlance? I propose a modest moratorium:

*the verbal “sucks” is out — except for t-shirts and tattoos. No further comment.

*”Notoriety” is not the same as fame. Any more than notorious means famous.

*Unless a reference to awe-inspiring is intended, pass on the empty hyperbole that is “awesome” for the most mundane of contexts. “Those (skateboards, boxer shorts, American Idol contestants) are awesome.”

*”Swagger”: Walking around with an air of conceit and insolence used to be rather ill thought of. Now – at least in the athletic arena – it’s a quality seemingly worth courting. As in: “We need our guys to play with more of a ‘swagger.'” Do we really need to up the ante further on boorish, braggadocious behavior?

*”No problem.” Still not the politely correct response to “thank you.” It’s “you’re welcome.” Thank you.

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