*Among other after-the-fact developments, Hurricane Katrina induced a dialogue over the obvious divide between New Orleans’ haves and have-nots – typically reflected along racial lines. It also – inevitably — prompted polls. Among them one by the Marguerite Casey Foundation. It discovered that the rich and poor view the causes of poverty differently.

Stop the presses. The poor, it was determined, largely believe they were dealt a bad hand, while the rich were much more likely to say poverty largely results from lack of effort.

*A book surprisingly creating a bit of a buzz is “Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers – and How You Can Too.” It’s written by two Korean-American sisters, Dr. Soo Kim Abboud, a surgeon, and Jane Kim, an attorney, who wrote it to counter the stereotype that Asian students perform better in school because they are, well, smarter.

The secret: Totally involved, strict parents (who typically come in pairs). And strict includes limiting their kids’ access to pop culture and the telephone.

Now we know.

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