Harris “Comes Clean”

The announcement that Katherine Harris should have made:

“My fellow Floridians:

“I’ll come right to the point. I am no longer a candidate for the United States Senate. But what I will continue to be is a United States Representative proud to serve my Congressional constituents – and honored to be in a position to do what’s right for the United States of America. And that means standing up for our security, our values, our environment and our economic well being.

“So much has been said about my campaign and my candidacy that it’s time – in fact, past time – to set some records straight.

“Of course, I was disappointed in our fund-raising — and in our political system that is a key barometer of support. And this, as you all know, was reflected in poll numbers. The reasons were obvious.

“First, it is said that I’m a “polarizing figure.” Of course I am. It can happen when you do your job and follow your conscience and call it as you see it. And what’s more, that’s not about to change.

“And second, this campaign has been buffeted by other controversies, which have made it challenging to get a positive message out. And I am, of course, answerable for that. I’m the candidate and anything that happens with fund-raising – or any other facet of the campaign – is ultimately my responsibility.

“And speaking of fund-raising, the whole MZM affair was badly mishandled. In hindsight, there was no oversight. Once again, that’s on me. But at no time was I engaged in some underhanded quid-pro-quo. If I really needed money that badly, I’d write a check. But if that project had come to Sarasota, it would have meant jobs – something I’m not about to apologize for.

“One final item. I need to do the right thing here. I think my desire to serve you in the Senate – as well as my ego – kept me in this race too long. It has hurt the party and hampered our cause. I wanted to take on the issues – but to too many I had become the overriding issue. That benefits no one.

“So, in addition to stepping down, I want to step up with an infusion of funds in support of whoever takes the baton, inherits this deficit and fights the good fight. I’m blessed with financial wherewithal, and I’m honored to commit the sum of $10 million to help even the playing field for my successor.

“Thank you and God bless the United States of America.”

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