Olympic Afterthoughts

*Let’s face it; the Olympics were more fun during the Cold War. US vs. Them. Chauvinism for a good cause. Now it’s a global variety show. It’s about individuals and their personalities – and losing the ratings’ race to American Idol. Bode Who?

*Nordic combined, biathlon, curling. Somebody cares even if you don’t, but these participants truly embody the Olympic spirit. No endorsements, no agents, no attitudes – and real jobs to pay real bills in the real world. They love their sport, they’re better than almost everyone in the world at something and they consider it an unmitigated honor and privilege to represent their country. What’s not to love about that? Shani Who?

*Every Olympiad includes events, actually subsets of sports categories, which a lot of us have never heard of. And the International Olympic Committee keeps adding more. Potentially looming in 2014: ski archery, mountaineering and orienteering – a ski race employing the use of compasses and maps.

*Three words: Still no toboggans.

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