Tampa’s Vested Interest

Winston Churchill once remarked that “There’s nothing as exhilarating as being shot at without result.”

Tampa police Officer Brian Triak can identify. Triak took a .38-caliber bullet in his ballistic-resistant vest last week from a bar-brawl suspect sitting in a car. Without the body armor he’s dead, not bruised.

The near-murder begs a couple of points.

First, it currently isn’t mandatory that Tampa Police Department (or Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies or St. Petersburg police) officers wear body armor. It’s the officer’s call. Some forego it because of its bulk and discomfort in Florida heat.

In Officer Triak’s case, it was his wife’s insistence that carried the day. Now there’s no widow Triak and three daughters still have their dad. Perhaps the call to wear the vest should be a more official one.

And not that we needed such a dramatic example, but once again we are reminded what we ask of our police officers. Among other things, to approach a car with a suspect at 2 a.m. Any takers?

So, thanks, TPD and thank you, Officer Triak. And enjoy the holidays.

No, better yet, the Merriest CHRISTMAS yet.

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