Black Eye For Decorum

Just when you think you’ve seen – and heard – it all at City Council meetings, doesn’t that activist cut-up Tony Daniel go and top himself again.

The other day Daniel laced one of his routine rants with a bunch of obscenities aimed at City Councilwoman Mary Alvarez, who wasn’t even there. (The obscenities were bleeped out on TV replays.)

He also did a drive-by railing of Councilman John Dingfelder, who had referred to the Tampa Museum of Art fiasco as a “black eye” for the city. As if Tampa could easily be perceived as not having its “city of the arts” act together. As if the interminable site-selection process didn’t reflect well on anyone in Tampa officialdom.

As if Daniel had a clue.

In an episode that gives non sequitur a bad name, he called out Dingfelder for using a term (“black eye”) with racial connotations. Really. For the record, Dingfelder exasperatingly denied such was the case.

It’s beyond woeful ignorance and political correctness that the term “black eye” needs to be explained. It’s a good thing Dingfelder didn’t accuse the city of being niggardly with its arts-related financial support.

A police officer was finally called to escort Daniel out of the chambers.

But Daniel could have even more “racially insensitive” material to erupt over. Council members have asked City Attorney David Smith to find a way to keep Daniel’s disruptive, insufferably boorish, occasionally obscene butt away.

If successful, Daniel would be, well, black-balled.

In which case, have at it, Tony.

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