Send A Message To Looters And Lootees

We shouldn’t need any more rhetoric about how important evacuations are in times of impending natural disasters. It’s sufficiently self-evident.

But we now know how critical it is to provide for those with no personal transportation. And we acknowledge there will always be those too stubborn to leave.

But we also know this: There are many folks who won’t leave – or having left will prematurely return – because of the threat of looters. It’s a real threat – and a real logistical nightmare as a result.

So try this. In addition to mobilizing the National Guard in a timely fashion, let it be known up front and well in advance that local police as well as the Guard have orders beyond arrest. If necessary, they will shoot to kill. And they won’t have the luxury to reflect long on what constitutes “necessary.” It’s called anarchy prevention and — by extension — property protection. It’s also called sending a message.

To would-be looters and would-be lootees.

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