Rap And Roll?

When you’re a baby boomer and the music of your formative Philadelphia years was a continuous loop of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Fats, Little Richard and tons of Doo-Wop, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame evokes a special time. Not what Canton, Ohio or Cooperstown, NY are to football and baseball fans, but close enough.

When it opened in Cleveland in 1995, Little Richard cut the ceremonial ribbon. Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen performed.

Now, 10 years later a new group of inductees includes rap pioneers Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five.

Say it ain’t so.

Heavy metal noisemaker Black Sabbath and the punk-rocking Sex Pistols are (nominee) reaches enough. But at least carrying a tune and playing musical instruments were not incompatible with their acts.

But oxymoronic rap artists?

Would Canton take Ryan Leaf?

Would Cooperstown take Wilson Alvarez?

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