Boston: Some Politics, Some History

A couple of observations from a recent trip to Boston:

*Speculation keeps revving up that Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is positioning himself for a run at the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Ideologically, he’s working hard on his GOP bona fides. He’s increasingly disinclined to compromise on gay marriage; is now gearing up to take on liberal state lawmakers on welfare overhaul; and is intimating that wiretapping mosques as a means of intelligence gathering in the fight against terrorism has merit.

He’s also been accorded positive national media coverage for his willingness to take in thousands of Katrina evacuees.

And Romney recently opened his summer home to several hundred Republicans from New Hampshire. It was a party fund-raiser. As vice chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Romney was an appropriate host to the Granite State party operatives. They responded with a gift: a copy of “Why New Hampshire?” — a book on the first-in-the-nation primary.

*Here in Hillsborough County – from Plant City to Ybor City – we are blessed with history that we take great pride in preserving. Hence, our numerous designated historic districts.

But history is relative.

Staying in the Colonial Inn, in the heart of Concord, Mass., was fascinating — even if you were not a history buff. The waiter’s presentation included historical tidbits – such as the year the Colonial Inn, the part we were dining in, was built. It was 1716. More than a half century before there was a United States.

History can also be humbling.

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