Diligence Still Due

That fatal shooting at Tampa International Airport is another grim reminder of an all too familiar subplot.

Think back to Ruskin’s Sarah Michelle Lunde, who was strangled a couple of months back. The suspect is a registered sex offender and convicted rapist. He was familiar with the family and their residence, because he had dated the teen’s mother.

Last week a mother of three was gunned down at TIA by an ex-boyfriend. The shooter had been living with the victim until about five months prior. The man was a serial stalker and had served five years in prison – and three on probation – for unlawful restraint, violating a protective order and kidnapping.

Fortunately none of the children witnessed the slaying or were harmed by the assailant/ex-live-in boyfriend. Unfortunately, they were not a good enough reason for their mother to have exercised even minimal judgment on who she brought home.

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