Tampa’s Super Bay Area Pitch

When NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced that the host “city” for the 2009 Super Bowl was “Tampa Bay,” it spoke volumes. Super Bowl XLIII will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for sure, but the winning offer ultimately came from this region. No surrounding amenities – such as world-class beaches, golf courses and resorts – no Super Bowl at the RayJay.

Special congratulations go the Super Bowl Task Force and the three principals – Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, Hillsborough County Commissioner Jim Norman and task force chairman Dick Beard — who stepped into the presentation pressure cooker and stepped up to make their oral pitches.

And for all that is said of the privacy-obsessed, public-relations challenged Glazer family, they do know how to close a deal. And more and more, it’s obvious that the go-to Glazer is Bryan, who has become a formidable and effective spokesperson for the area and a respected member of the owners’ fraternity.

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