Ybor’s Teen Clubbers

It was a worthwhile attempt by the city recently to try and recoup the cost of breaking up a melee disguised as teen night at Ybor City’s Club Fuel back in February. The incongruous “teen night” in Ybor required more than two dozen police officers and a helicopter to quell the fighting and vandalism among the 2,000 teen-aged Fuelsters.

But, alas, no curfew was broken, because the incident was on a Sunday. And due to grandfathering, Club Fuel was exempt from extra security requirements at bars. And no “nuisance” rule applied absent evidence of drugs, gangs, prostitution or stolen property. Garden variety mayhem isn’t covered.

“There is simply no legal basis upon which to hold the club legally responsible,” explained Tampa Police Chief Stephen Hogue. Unfortunately, a “really, really stupid idea” doesn’t qualify.

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