USF In The Hunt

By all the usual criteria, USF had a successful recruiting season — topped by Monticello Jefferson County quarterback Carlton Hill, who should be able to push for the starting job next year. He’s that good.

USF needed the solid recruiting class to bulk up for the Big East. has USF’s recruits ranked 50th in the country.

Put into context, this means that USF finished in the upper half of the Big East. It also says that the following schools are among those who finished behind USF for the class of ’05: Illinois, Northwestern, Washington State, TCU, Minnesota, Syracuse, Iowa State, Baylor, Utah, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Washington, Kentucky, Indiana and everyone in Conference USA.

Put into further – and much more relevant — context, it takes about three years to fully determine the success of a recruiting class. Injuries, legal problems, academic failings and unfulfilled potential – for whatever reason — are the variables.

For now, however, this bunch looks good on paper – and in the game films.

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