Bucs’ PR Still Stinks

Say what you will about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – from super to stupor – their public relations remains consistent. It still stinks.

From the organization that extorted a stadium, recoiled at the prospect that it might have to ante up for some Super Bowl-celebration expenses and kissed off John Lynch like some stumble bum who had overstayed his welcome, we bring you the under-the-radar ticket hike.

The Bucs waited until late Friday of Super Bowl weekend to make a price-hike announcement. And just to make sure that the news stayed low profile, the Bucs’ PR flacks once again treated return calls as another media imposition.

Proving again that the National Football League is a market-economy anomaly, the Bucs raised their ticket prices ($2-$5 per) in the aftermath of their worst season (5-11) in a decade.

That’s what you do when you have too many fans on a waiting list to buy season tickets. That’s what you do because you can.

That’s how you do it because you are the Bucs.

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