It’s Trump; It Towers; But It’s Not Trampa

The recent announcement of the Trump Tower Tampa produced the predictable hoopla, hype and commentary provincialism. It comes with the territory: the wealth, the charisma, the power, the pretension, the hair. Donald Trump is a mogul, a caricature and a brand name. Love him, lionize him or loathe him, he is what he is. And he’s heard it all – and courted it all. Because it works.

As for Tampa, it’s more than reasonable to ask what TTT could mean for downtown. It’s also prudent to ask if the market is here or will be wooed here for the sort of unprecedented prices – topping out at some $6 million — being asked for the “privilege” of living in the opulent, 52-story, $220-million waterfront condo.

As for the commentary, frankly it’s no longer rat’s patootie cute to flagellate Tampa for being, well, so Tampa. Among other things — like it or not — it’s becoming the sort of hamlet that is attracting developers who build the sort of things that columnists can’t afford.

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