Chinese Inclusion Act

Maybe those killer abs can wait yet another year. Perhaps 2005 is when expanded horizons move up on that New Year’s resolution short list.

If so, consider what the University of Tampa is offering this semester. A chance to get familiar with the language and customs of the world’s most populous – and most economically hard-charging – country in the world — China.

For the first time, UT will offer “Chinese Language and Culture” in each of two seven-week spring sessions. Classes, which are limited to 15 students and designed for those with little or no experience with (Mandarin) Chinese, will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7:30 p.m. Session I begins Jan. 18; Session II , March 15. Cost of the (two-credit) course is $510 for credit; $389 for audit. Both sessions will be taught by adjunct instructor Amy Chou, a native of Taiwan.

According to Susan M. Taylor, associate professor of languages and linguistics, UT is testing the foreign language waters beyond the traditional offerings of Spanish, French, German and Italian. A course in Japanese was well received last semester.

“We have to start small,” says Taylor, “because we don’t know if there’s a market for it. But I think there will be.” That market, Taylor says, is travelers, the culturally curious and “business people.”

Additional information is available at 253-3333 (x3359)

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