Cheap-Shot Ambush

Yes, that question to Attorney General Charlie Crist – the one inquiring of his sexual orientation – was as ungracious and unnecessary as most non-journalists would deem it. Had Crist himself made homosexuality an issue – say, he had used gay-baiting the way Mel Martinez did against Bill McCollum in the Republican senate primary – then he would be fair game. Of course he would.

But he hasn’t, and it isn’t. Being single isn’t cause for being singled out.

Whatever the whispers, it’s never been an issue for Crist, because it’s never been relevant. It still isn’t. It’s not the people’s “right to know.” Regardless of the times we’re mired in, it’s nobody else’s business. That includes self-important sirens of surly who think getting something entered in the public dialogue justifies any mean-spirited, irrelevant, classless ambush of an office-holder.

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