BCS Overhaul – And More

Another college football season has come and gone, which means another BCS controversy. It also means another round of stone-walling playoff talk by Division 1-A presidents who don’t want to appear crassly driven toward another big pay day at “student athletes'” expense.

As if.

Try this. Match up the top 4 teams on New Year’s. Seed them 1 through 4. That, for example, would have given you USC-Texas (or Utah) and Oklahoma-Auburn. The two winners meet the following week. Not perfect, just a lot better than the Anointment Bowl.

As for prolonging the season, it only adds a week. But to more than make up for time lost by “student-athletes,” the presidents can vote to do away with spring practice. They can also permit “student athletes” – especially in big revenue sports — to be part-time students during their season. They can also agree that member schools will no longer admit those who do not belong academically – or even socially — on a college campus and only make a travesty out of higher education while they prep for the pros.

And while we’re suggesting the improbable as well as the flat-out impossible, add this: Take the mega-revenue from the ultimate national championship game and spread it out over the NCAA member schools to be used for something other than sports.

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