Waiting Room TV

Ever notice there are some TV shows that you never, ever see unless you’re in a waiting room? Last year I was spending down time waiting for my Jeep at Ferman, when I was privy to “Family Feud.” Amazingly, it’s still on. But who’s watching it who’s not part of a captive audience? That’s what’s truly amazing.

Then last week — while pressed out in a hospital gown and waiting in a procedure queue at Memorial Hospital – I sat through “The Price Is Right” in its entirety. Right through to the climactic “Showcase Showdown.”

I’ll readily concede that in the case of a hospital, it wouldn’t be a good idea to be depressing patients with, say, CNN updates on all that’s wrong in the world. But the Bob Barker time capsule took me aback.

I half expected the nurse to exhort us to “Come on down for your colonoscopy.”

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