Hurricane Diversion Diverted

What a welcome weather respite — and therapeutic diversion — was provided by that thrilling USF double-overtime win against TCU two Saturdays ago. For a few fleeting hours it was sanctuary city, as the cone of anxiety and the approach of the apocalypse du jour were on hold for some quality escape. Until, that is, the concluding two plays of that dramatic 45-44 USF win in Fort Worth, Texas.

That’s when an ESPN Regional satellite-feed error resulted in a switch back to WFTS, Channel 28’s “All attitude all the time” 11:00 news. Glitch happens, of course, but compounding matters was leaving the OT nail-biter for on-location shots of Don Germaise, who could hype a bake-off. In inimitably frenetic fashion, he was reporting from somewhere on the east coast that not only was it raining hard, but it was really, really windy and a lot of damage was sure to result.

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