Barbaric Behavior Should Be Condemned — Not Debated

According to media reports out of the Middle East, the rash of kidnappings, beheadings, suicide bombings and killings of Russian schoolchildren has taken a toll on public opinion in the Muslim world. In fact, the ongoing pattern of atrocities has sparked a debate among Arab intellectuals on why the majority of such heinous acts have been committed by Muslims acting in the name of Islam.

Some blame the violence on intolerance and extremism that leads to hatred of non-Muslims. Others blame the West, notably the U.S., because it’s a staunch supporter of Israel and the occupier of Iraq.

Perhaps this qualifies as good — or at least encouraging — news. Here’s another take.

Sub-human, barbaric behavior — no matter the grievance, no matter the perverted, religious loophole — is not a matter for debate. It’s a matter of sweeping condemnation, no questions asked. Unless, of course, the questions include: “Why aren’t we totally outraged and disgusted with such Islamofascist vermin?” and “Why don’t we do something about it ourselves?”

Some things you don’t dignify with debate.

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