Baseball’s Tattoo Taboo

Let’s go over this one more time. Steroids threaten the game’s players and integrity; serial spitters further pollute the image; un-capped salaries create competitive apartheid; and the designated hitter remains an iconoclastic misstep.

But Major League Baseball has drawn a line in the diamond. Visible tattoos are taboo on pitchers. As a result, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Justin Miller — and anyone else with an illustrated arm — will have to wear long sleeves to avoid any distraction to batters.

Call it a minor establishment victory against seepage from the popular culture. But why stop there? Apparently gold chains are still an acceptable accessory. And how about hitters and their earrings? Or perhaps MLB doesn’t want to rock the bijou boat and remains content that the Rolexes and pinky rings are still staying in the locker room. For now.

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