Taking Doug’s Word

Bringing back Doug Williams made eminently good sense for the Bucs. It was a major PR coup for an organization that is increasingly looking like the House That Jon Built. And a front office personnel job for Williams, who had been head coach at Grambling University, was a good career move for the controversial, former Buc quarterback.

What was baffling, however, was what happened after Williams signed his contract. He allowed a University of Louisiana System contingent, including President Sally Clausen, to fly down here and try to get his contract voided. Williams apparently had misgivings after an emotional meeting with his players and coaches.

Clausen’s account only added to the confusion. She reportedly had Williams’ permission to try and get him out of his Buc contract. According to local reports, Clausen initially suggested Williams call Buc General Manager Bruce Allen and tell him he had changed his mind.

Williams’ bizarre response, according to Clausen: “I can’t do that. I gave them my word.”

But now he’s a Buc again. And the curse is officially history.

Says Williams

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