Boondocking Kobe

When you’re wrong, the honorable thing is to own up to it. I thought the primary — and quite possibly only — reason that a number of newspapers carried “The Boondocks” was because of its minority orientation. And I thought that a pretty shabby rationale for strip that was not, well, particularly funny. As a result, I concluded, the strip had very little, if any, value.

Wrong. Its value is in politically incorrect commentary that wouldn’t be otherwise included. Not even “Doonesbury.”

For example, the recent “Boondocks” strip where the kid and the grandfather are watching a Lakers’ game on TV. The announcer’s voice says, “The Denver Nuggets revealed their new game plan against the Los Angeles Lakers today, which involves the strategic placement of several 19-year-old white girls immediately behind the Lakers’ basket.”

One more thing.

As comic-strip parody, that still would have worked even had there not been a celebrated rape case involving Kobe Bryant. The NBA. It is what it is.

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