A Sense Of Community And “The Mayor’s Hour”

Ever find yourself checking your calendar and watch before tuning in to Channel 15 for another episode of “The Mayor’s Hour”? Neither do I.

It’s one of those shows you never see in its entirety. Drive-by channel surfing typically yields it.

If nothing else, it looks like the ubiquitous Jack Harris and the mayor are enjoying themselves. Light banter and bad puns reign. But they also highlight different aspects of the city via interviews and behind-the-scenes perspectives.

On the December show, Mayor Pam Iorio brought on her dad for a segment. It’s something she used to do when she was Supervisor of Elections.

It’s not exactly compelling TV. In fact, I can’t imagine this happening in any comparably sized city. And yet — it works.

Partly, it’s because John Iorio, a former English professor, is engaging and humorous. Partly, it’s because the mayor is so media savvy. But mostly it’s because they have reminded us that we live in a major metro market that isn’t too big to feel — and act like — a smaller, more intimate community. It’s especially welcome over the holidays. But, yes, it is corny.

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