The Saudis: The Least They Can Do

At the recent donors’ conference in Madrid, the United States won some $13 billion in commitments for Iraqi reconstruction priorities, including $500 million in rice from Vietnam. The largest amount pledged from a single country was $5 billion — from Japan. Saudi Arabia, by contrast, offered $1 billion in loans and $500 million in export credits.

The Japanese-Saudi contrast is noteworthy.

The Japanese were not — and are not — complicit in the fundamentalist scourge that threatens so much of the planet. They haven’t paid protection money to terrorists. They don’t foster schools that preach hatred of American “infidels.” They don’t underwrite charities that skim off money for terrorists, including homicidal bombers.

As for the Saudis, their contribution amounts to approximately $65 million per 9/11 terrorist. Thanks again for helping out. We know it’s the least you can do.

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