Keyshawn: Gone But Not, Alas, Forgotten

The world of professional sports is often at odds with logic. It finally prevailed, however, when the Bucs jettisoned Keyshawn Johnson.

For several years, one of them a Super Bowl season, “Meshawn” was contributing enough to offset his singularly selfish, sophomoric, the-rules-don’t-apply-to-me attitude. He was valuable enough to negate the classless manner in which he went about showing up his coach.

But that all changed when the team started to lose. Worse than tolerating a talented, morale-infecting brat is tolerating a talented, morale-infecting brat while losing. That makes no sense, regardless of the financial implications. The logic of the ultimate bottom line, W’s and L’s — finally caught up to Keyshawn and his tenure in Tampa. Would that he had enough class to be embarrassed.

He won’t be missed. What will be missed is what could have been had Johnson ever grown up.

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