Her Story Best Of All

In a previous incarnation I was the media relations manager at the University of South Florida. Among the folks who staffed the office was Juanita Holbrook Ingram, a pleasant, 50ish woman who not so secretly harbored a desire to write. She took some courses in USF’s School of Mass Communications. She learned to craft a news release.

After retiring in 1996, Juanita and her husband Bob did some serious traveling in their Winnebago. She became intrigued with the history of places they traveled to out West. That led to some serious writing — of the historical Western fiction genre — especially suitable for young adults.

She just authored her third book, “Blue Mountain.” She’ll be doing a book signing at the Henry B. Plant Museum on Nov. 11, 10:00-noon.

But pursuing and realizing her dream may be the best story of all.

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