“Wet-Feet, Dry-Feet, Cold-Feet” Cuban Policy

We already knew that blood runs thicker than water. Now add a corollary, thanks to the Brothers Bush. Pandering runs thicker than blood. At least on the politically volatile subject of Cuba.

Gov. Jeb Bush has criticized the repatriation of 12 Cubans accused of hijacking a Cuban research vessel to get to Florida. Their return, however lamentable despite Cuban assurances of non-execution, was in keeping with the U.S. government’s controversial “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy adopted in the mid-’90s. In effect, Jeb Bush has taken very public issue with a policy that his brother’s administration is sworn to uphold.

“The policy that we have with Cuba should be put under review given the (repressive) circumstances in Cuba today,” said the governor in his finest Cuban-exile boilerplate.

In breaking with President Bush over Cuban “policy,” it’s too bad Gov. Bush wasn’t alluding to the counterproductive, mean-spirited, 40-something trade embargo and travel ban. That would have shown real guts and true compassion — as well as foreign policy common sense.

Instead, he shows all-too-familiar cold feet about meaningful change in Cuban policy.

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