(Frozen) Food For Thought

The St. Petersburg Times knew what it was doing when it assigned Tom Zucco to the story of the cryonics facility, Suspended Animation Inc., that’s planned for Boca Raton. He’s a solid reporter with a better than average sense of the absurd and the incongruous.

If it opens for business — and permits are expected to be granted — Suspended Animation would be the nation’s fourth such cryonics facility. About 1,000 people have signed up so far to be “cryosuspended,” including company President David Shumaker. The process goes for $120,000 a deep-freeze pop.

Zucco wove references to the “big chill” and the “ultimate stopover to the great beyond” into the piece. And he certainly knew where to go for quotes, the lifeblood of any good story.

Said Ken Goodman, the director of the University of Miami’s Bioethics Program: “It’s free enterprise, not science

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