Rays A Relative Bargain

Say what you want about the Rays and the folly of their (Wilson Alvarez-Juan Guzman-Vinny Castilla-Greg Vaughn-Ben Grieve) fiscal ways, but they are among the league leaders in one financial category. However their infrequency, Rays’ wins come relatively cheap.

According to the commissioner’s office, the Rays’ payroll for its 40-man roster — including benefits — is $31.6 million. That would be 30th out of Major League Baseball’s 30 franchises. For those scoring at home, that would — as of the All-Star game — average out to about $900,000 per win, a cost-per-win figure bettered only by Kansas City and Montreal.

Attaboy, Vince.

The Yankees, with a league-leading payroll of $180 million, have to ante up an average of nearly $2 million per win.

Take that, George.

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