Sen. Graham: Mantra Material In “BobCat” Pitch

In his e-mail solicitations, Sen. Bob Graham asks voters to help offset all the “fat-cat” contributors supporting President George W. Bush by signing on as a “BobCat.” In the pitch, Graham rolls out some language we will — or surely should — be seeing again — and again — from the Florida Democrat.

Graham skewers the president over what he characterizes as Bush’s “Agenda for Two Americas.” That is: “Tax cuts for those who have and spending cuts for those who have not.”

If Graham is looking for mantra material, that’s it.

If he says it enough, it might deter folks from focusing on the fact that he co-wrote the controversial USA Patriot Act. Such co-authorship compromises his criticism of the president’s antiterrorism strategy.

Sen. Graham has a national security comfort zone and unique expertise, but his Patriot Act involvement undermines that approach. Presidentially speaking, it’s still the economy.

And when you’re such a long shot, why not play the class-warfare card? It helped get Al Gore more votes than George W. Bush.

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