Port And Pop: Cuban Imports And Exports

Locally, Cuba remains topical and emotional, but the context — to Tampa’s consummate credit — is typically civil. May veto power over U.S. foreign policy never be exercised from this part of the state.

*The topic of legal trade eventually became too hot for the Port of Tampa to ignore indefinitely, and next month a contingent from the Tampa Port Authority will travel to Cuba on a trade mission. The Feds had previously given the port permission after it had received an invitation from the Cuban government. Short-term opportunities are modest at best, but the relationship game must be played to best position Tampa for post-Castro Cuba.

*Culturally, Los Van Van, Cuba’s most popular musical group, last night played — with only token protest — to an enthusiastic crowd at the West Tampa Convention Center. In Miami, it could only have happened with a cordon of riot police, a moat and a diversionary appearance by Janet Reno.

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