Sapp A Slave To Rhetoric?

Warren Sapp may be rude to most fans, but he’s the media’s favorite Buc. He’s a sound-bite savant. All copy all the time. And say enough stuff and eventually something profound, profane or just generically controversial will result.

The other day, however, Sapp went off the hyperbole scale and waxed truly absurd.

Apparently, he foresees his “blood, sweat and tears” tenure with the Bucs ending after the upcoming season, which is also the last year of his contract. One that will pay him $6.6 million in 2003. If you’re scoring at home, that’s about $900,000 per sack based on last season’s output.

His instincts are likely on the money. The Bucs wouldn’t be wise to shell out more of that kind of multi-year money for a (next year) 31-year-old defensive tackle whose best seasons are receding behind him.

“That’s what the NFL does to you,” Sapp recently opined to a reporter. “That’s why I say it’s a slave system.”

Now you know.

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