When The Enemy Is One Of Our Own

For all the “shock and awe” scenarios at play in the attack on Iraq, perhaps the most shocking development so far was the gory grenade-and-rifle attack on American troops — perpetrated by an American soldier. Fifteen were injured and one — 27-year-old Army Captain Christopher Scott Seifert — was killed at a brigade headquarters in Kuwait.

The suspect, who apparently acted alone, has been identified as Sgt. Asan Akbar, an American convert to Islam. The erstwhile Mark Fidel Kools has been described as a “loner” better known for an “attitude problem” than competence. Akbar lobbed four grenades into three tents and then shot soldiers with his M-4 rifle as they tried to escape.

Two things.

First, the U.S. command needs to further review its policies regarding American Muslims on the battlefield. We don’t need a politically correct army. Their understanding of Islam and possible language skills, however, can be of obvious use, especially during an occupation.

But better screening certainly seems in order. By all accounts, Sgt. Akbar was of dubious ability — not just loyalty.

Second, throw him in with the Iraqi prisoners where he belongs.

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