Security Breach Beach

News on the security front remains disturbing, even for those who have their duct tapes in a row.

Now we find out that defecting Cuban coast guardsmen sailed their patrol boat — officially a “sovereign warship” — right into Key West the other night. Apparently nothing short of sending up flares or firing off a few rounds wouldn’t have attracted any official attention. They docked at a resort, walked into town, hailed a cop — and “surrendered.”

Ironically, it was the same day that the feds raised the terror-threat level to “high risk.” The Cubans not only evaded basic Homeland Security-enhanced surveillance on a key coastal area; they evaded ostensibly heightened security.

The question obviously begged is: Suppose the defectors had been al-Qaida saboteurs — not Cuban defectors? That’s beyond disturbing — and unnecessarily “high risk.”

The politics of repatriation never looked so innocent.

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