Revel With A Cause: Super Timing for Bucs

At some point all this euphoric basking in the afterglow of a Super Bowl win will end. But not quite yet.

It’s been too long coming and too sweet happening not to be savored some more. Let’s revel with a cause; we deserve it.

Let’s hear it for the “yea-sayers” — and keep the chronically carping at bay just a little longer. Malcolm Glazer will never be Albert Schweitzer, but so what? He’s not Hugh Culverhouse or Al Davis either.

And enough of the Community Investment Tax tantrums. Even former mayor and suit-filing, CIT antagonist Bill Poe, chairman of Poe Financial Inc., declared a “Bucs Day” for his employees. Even mandated a Bucs’-colors dress code.

The real point is this. Although this area, particularly this city, has just seen its name recognition ratcheted up nationally, we’re still awash in economic uncertainty. Terrorists have forced us to live in their knave new world. The timing for a celebration — even one generated by a vicarious sports thrill — couldn’t have been better.

“Of course, there are many more important things,” acknowledged Mayor Dick Greco. “Just look at the end of our peninsula. The war on terrorism is being fought out of here. The reminders are with us every day. And, really, that’s a reason why there’s so much interest in this. This is important because it’s FUN. It is something that makes us feel good about ourselves and our community. It’s a wonderful thing

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