Campaign Trail Mix: Roaster’s Choice

Recently the mayoral candidates had a chance to roast outgoing mayor Dick Greco. While the roasting didn’t unearth any Improv talent, it did provide an opportunity to respond in kind to Greco’s remark at last month’s Mayors Beautification Program breakfast.

Greco used the occasion to offer some unsolicited advice to the candidates. “Don’t promise a lot of stuff to the people,” cautioned Greco. “Believe me, I spent all the money.”

*Most mayor’s forums aren’t conducive to candidates directly criticizing each other. That happens between forums and sometimes through surrogates. Ironically, the lone direct exchange at the mayoral forum at Tampa Theater was between Ardell and Cosentino, the long-shot and no-shot candidates, respectively. It was about the USS Forrestal , the aircraft carrier that was once promoted as a tourist-attraction museum for the Port of Tampa. It has seemingly run aground over fund-raising, port logistics and maintenance costs.

Ardell summarized his objections by referring to the Forrestal as a “bloody war symbol.” Cosentino, taking immediate umbrage, shouted across to Ardell that he was proud to have “served on one.”

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