Campaign Trail Mix: Redner For Real?

Joe Redner’s campaign brochure reminds voters that he is “MORE than an adult club owner.” That he is.

The City Council District 6 candidate can speak credibly about rehabbing real estate and creating green spaces. He cares about the environment outside the Mons Venus. He’s an astute, successful and understandably controversial businessman. He has name recognition most candidates can only fantasize about. He doesn’t exactly owe a ton of political favors.

Frankly, if he could ever lose the arrogance — but not the sense of humor — and dress for forums as if he weren’t going bowling or getting a lap dance, he might have a shot. Don’t forget, the opposition isn’t exactly invincible.

*At the most recent Tiger Bay Club of Tampa luncheon, Redner had the best line regarding Ye Mystic Krewe’s men-only policy. “Personally,” deadpanned Redner, “I wouldn’t involve myself in any activity where women aren’t included.”

*Some Tiger Bay takes on the Gasparilla drunkenness that filters through Hyde Park neighborhoods:

John Dingfelder: “Limit drinking to folks’ homes and Bayshore itself.”

Clay Phillips: Consider “opening up both sides” of Bayshore Boulevard for all.

Gene Wells: “Public drunkenness gets down to an enforcement issue.”

Joe Redner: “Take it or leave it. It’s Gasparilla.”

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