What’s In A Name? Not This Body Part

By almost any other name, a streetcar station is a streetcar station. Except if that name were “Mons Venus.” Thus, did Tampa Historical Streetcar turn down the station-naming request of adult entertainment gadfly Joe Redner — and the much-needed $150,000 fee that would have accompanied it.

According to THS, female body parts were well within the erroneous zone of impropriety. The streetcars’ policy was taken directly from that of HARTline, the system’s operator, which reserves the right to reject ads based on its own sense of taste.

HARTline spokesman Ed Crawford — presumably with a straight face — elaborated by noting that “Turgid Erect Member Station” would similarly have been rejected. Thanks, Ed. Now we really get it. Presumably, “Velvet Cave” wouldn’t have passed muster either. Ditto for a Streetcar Station Named (Triangle of) Desire.

The controversial Redner feigned incredulity over the banned-body-part provision. “I don’t know how they distinguish that from eye, foot, nose or ear,” he deadpanned.

Unless Redner wants to push “Foot Fetish,” he may want to consider going co-op to get his way and retool some old Mons’ signage. Remember “Talk About Your Bush Gardens”?

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