Bucs Will Come Home Winners

Here is why the Buccaneers will return home winners even though the road to the Super Bowl must course through the City of Brotherly Mug. I know, I know, the ultimate mettle-detector site — nasty, rat-infested, magistrate-and-jail fortified Veterans Stadium — awaits. As does complementary lousy weather. As does a throaty lot of drunk, cheesesteak-head vulgarians. Worse yet, many in this lynch mob that passes for Philly fandom will be armed with screwdrivers and wrenches to expedite souvenir hunting — one staggered step in front of the wrecking ball that will soon euthanize the decrepit Vet.

And most importantly, of course, a really good football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, also awaits.

But should the outcome be no different than the previous four — all Eagle wins — the Bucs won’t ultimately leave as losers. Win or not, the Bucs get to return here. Whatever the outcome, the “Iggles” have to stay there.

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