Cardenas: Tampa’s Unconventional Supporter

Granted, Florida GOP Chairman Al Cardenas has to be tactful when commenting on Tampa’s chances of landing the 2004 Republican Convention. He is, after all, a member of the executive committee of the Republican National Committee. It would be provincially poor form — and counterproductive — to cheerlead for Tampa.

Having said that, what was Cardenas thinking — or smoking — when he told the St. Petersburg Times that a downside in Tampa’s bid was the priority use of some 5,000 volunteers. “You just have to weigh and balance the positives and the concerns,” he said. “Five thousand volunteers at the convention — when they could be manning the phones and knocking on doors — is a legitimate concern.”

Huh? Campaign grunt work really doesn’t kick in fully until after the convention. And what better way to energize the troops than having them play an important role in hosting the GOP convention?

And wouldn’t New York have the same ostensible “problem” as well?

At any rate, wouldn’t you love to be privy to the initial small talk on Monday when Cardenas accompanies Dick Greco, Al Austin and Dick Beard to Washington? That’s when “Loose Lips” Al and the three amigos spin Tampa for the final time for the GOP Site Selection Committee.

“Hey, Al, looks like we could come up short on our volunteer commitment. Any way you could, say, distribute maps at TIA? And would you mind donning a pith helmet and helping reactionary old ladies board the Mons Venus trolley for the Poynter Palace?”

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