Gubernatorial Debate Winner: Status Quo

It was hardly high drama. Then again, it wasn’t like watching Barry Bonds intentionally walked. Certainly C-SPANable.

The last of the three gubernatorial debates probably didn’t change anything. People watch to validate what they already believe and, therefore, see and hear what they want to see and hear. Those who haven’t made up their minds likely made up their minds not to watch.

Anyway, no knockouts, no headline-grabbing gaffes. Just a lot of “he said-I said-who says?” interspersed with “yes, you are’s” and “no, I’m not’s” and flavored with “did not, did too’s.” Here a “disingenuous,” there a “you should be ashamed.”

It was reaffirmed from the two previous debates that Florida is either doing well — or not so good. It was further reiterated that the class size-capping Amendment 9 would either brutalize the state budget or save our educational bacon.

On balance, Jeb Bush succeeded in looking more informed than arrogant. McBride, more gubernatorial than goober.

But Tim Russert was a major upgrade, although he wasn’t a candidate.

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