Also Remember Sept. 11 on Sept. 10

There’s no denying that “Flags Along The Bayshore: Tampa Remembers 9-11” will be a sight for the ages: a patriotic ribbon of red, white and blue waving freely from Gandy Boulevard to Platt Street. It will be an impressively graphic reminder that we haven’t forgotten those who died Sept. 11. Nor what it is that is worth fighting for: our democratic way of life.

But where does that leave Sept. 10? That’s the date of the primary, an opportunity to actually participate in the process we all agree — and decree — is worth fighting for.

For the record, the first primary of 2000 drew 17.09 percent of registered voters. And that, mind you, was an improvement over ’98, when 13.05 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

“Flag-waving is wonderful,” says Supervisor of Elections Pam Iorio, “but the greatest act of patriotism is voting. We can remember Sept. 11 by voting Sept. 10.”

Let’s really roll.

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