Campaign TrailMix

Charlie Miranda and Dick Greco go back a number of years, and it’s no secret that their relationship is strained by the dynamics of the mayoral race. Miranda is less than pleased that the mayor looks so favorably upon the candidacy of (read: discreetly helping) Frank Sanchez. By now, this was supposed to be a Miranda-Bob Buckhorn face-off.

Here’s Miranda’s take: “I’m p.o.ed. Just tell me. I know they’re helping. But that’s life. That’s politics.”

Fund-raising is also a fact of political life, and Miranda lags far behind both Buckhorn, who’s been waiting in the wings and preparing for years, and Sanchez, the return-of-the-native candidate with the boffo resume.

“I won’t be part of an auction,” says Miranda, who revels in his underdog role. “I could raise as much money as anyone else if I wanted to kiss up — and beg.” For the record, Miranda is aiming to raise $150,000. He’s about half way there.

Here’s the fund-raising take of Sanchez, who passed $250,000 a fortnight ago. “My least favorite campaign activity is fund-raising. But campaigns cost money. And opponents can get vicious. You need the wherewithal to rapidly respond.”

Sanchez’s response to those critical of his Tampa hiatus is unequivocally unapologetic. “That’s like saying what I’ve done with my life the last 20 years has no value,” he says. “Filling pot holes and attending council meetings is important, but not the only way to offer value to your community. My sense is that the people of Tampa feel the same way.”

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