Waiting Room Hell

Had Dante foreseen it, he surely would have included the waiting rooms of car dealer service departments as a level of hell. Bad magazines, bad TV and bad news abounds. It’s the worst kind of downtime.

And that’s before you realize that “Family Feud” is on the waiting room’s big-screen TV. Why is this show still on? Why was it ever on? Does anyone watch TV at 9:30 a.m. who isn’t in a waiting room?

Anyway, it was the Epsteins against the Olsens, with the former, featuring two lawyers, a personal trainer, an artist and a financial planner, taking an early lead. That was due to uncannily intuitive answers to: “What I wouldn’t want to see when I returned to my car.” A flat, a ticket, a bird dropping, etc.

From what I saw of the Epsteins celebrating their early score, I perversely started to root for them. They were obviously high-five challenged, and the chance for bodily harm loomed likely.

As for that other storyline, the part would have to be ordered and, no, they had no loaner.

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